Appointment is Set…Finally!

Three years ago I began the toughest journey of my life. My wife and I were first-time parents of a 9-month-old Gracie Noelle when I began my first class at the University of Phoenix. I wanted to finish up my degree to be an example to my daughter (now daughters plural) that is always important to finish something you start, no matter how long it takes you. Additionally, I wanted my kids to know that it is NEVER too later to go to school. But, I also want them to know that it is a lot easier to finish up when you are younger and don’t have a family to support.

So, about this appointment… On May 10, I will be taking my last college test; three days later I walk as a college graduate. I am on the goal line and am about to conclude my final “drive” of my adult education career. Masters? Heck no! I’m perfectly content with a bachelors in business/marketing. I’ve been fortunate to work for some pretty amazing companies without a paper “validating” my intelligence.

I’m glad this chapter of my life is about to close. It could not have been possible without the patience and understanding of my wife. She made sure I went to all of my classes and did my homework while she watched Grace and while being pregnant with Livy. She should get a degree for being a kick-butt wife, mom and study partner.