For Californians & Freedom Lovers

Recently, I decided to target this blog for Californians. I feel that the mainstream media generalizes California as being an “anti-gun” state. Although state laws undoubtedly align with this generalization, I feel that there are a lot of people in this state that do appreciate our Constitutional and God-given rights to self-defense.

In a day where responsible journalism is an oxymoron, those of us who believe in freedom must unite and educate those around us who are infected with the agenda-driven poison that is constantly being pumped into the brains of our friends, family, and co-workers.

It starts with you.

If we want to preserve our heavily regulated Second Amendment rights, it’s going to have to start with you. It’s vital to know what you believe and why. If you don’t have a strong conviction for what you believe in, it will be nearly impossible to intelligently discuss your position with friends and family, even more, a perfect stranger.

Politics aside

Self-defense is a God-given right. If you can understand that the ability to defend yourself and your family is above any man-made law, you are on the right track. Criminals act above the law, without regard for human life. It’s clear that man-made laws do not stop evil acts of harm.

Be strong

The anti-gun movement is being funded by billionaires Michael Bloomberg and George Soros. These guys HATE our/their rights and have the media in their back pocket. You may have Bloomberg news app on your phone. Delete it! These anti-freedom, gun-grabbing zealots are spending millions on the midterms to elect Democrats who want to ban gun sales and confiscate them from your residence. I’m hopeful that logic, reason, and freedom will trump the money spent and emotions triggered during the 2018 Midterm election season, which is in full bore.

Letting freedom wane

We as a society are letting our freedoms get taken from us. The people we collectively vote in office have been gradually taking away our freedom, one step at a time. Mark Walters, of Armed American Radio, says the left’s attempt to disarm America is “incremental.” And it’s true. The disarmament of law-abiding citizens been well underway for years: age restrictions, 10-day cool off period (California), gun roster (California), background checks, high capacity magazine ban, bump stock bans, self-defense insurance ban (New York, NRA Carry Guard), ammo background checks (California, July 2018) etc…..None of these restrictions or bans would have stopped ANY of the recent school shootings.


Vote. Vote. Vote. On paper, California is a blue state. If you think your vote does not matter, you are wrong. Vote! I believe that in a matter of time, we will discover that there are millions of un-lawfull voters in this state. In other words, we may not be as blue as the media leads you to believe.

Be informed. Be vigilant. Be free.



HandleItGrips Review

This post is a rewrite and will be much more concise. Somehow, I deleted the original review from the WordPress mobile app…

In short, I absolutely LOVE my HandleItGrips. When deciding between HandleItGrips and TALON Grips, I went with the smaller, veteran-owned company, with lesser price points. Don’t get me wrong, even at full pop, the TALON Grips won’t break the bank, however, I still have a kid in diapers and live in tax-heavy Southern California so EVERY dollar counts.

Both companies offer virtually identical grip concepts/solutions. My HandleItGrips have a smooth, textured, rubber finish. I purchased them for my Glock 17 and my EDC Glock 19.

I carry my Glock 19 IWB (inside the waistband), against my body. Even though the textured grip on the handle touches my skin, there is zero irritation or rash; I can barely tell anything is there.

The installation instructions we’re thorough and the application process was a breeze. I’m very pleased with the product quality and customer service HandleItGrips thus far. I highly recommend these grips. Having a strong, confident grip makes shooting safer and more enjoyable overall.



Opinion: Best IWB Holster

I’m going on my second month of carrying concealed in Southern California. I must admit, the first week I carried, I felt like all eyes were on me while out in public. I must also say, that I feel much more comfortable knowing that have a tool to defend my beautiful wife and kids wherever we go.

Carrying my Glock 19 daily has become second-nature and very comfortable at the strong-side three o’clock position. I attribute the comfort to my IWB (inside the waistband) holster. I practice draw stroke and dry-fire on a daily basis and visit the range at least once a month. I’d like to increase live-fire training, however, work and family schedule make this a challenge.

Holster options

I read dozens of reviews and watched countless YouTube videos on the “best” IWB holsters. The podcasts I listen to are sponsored by reputable holster brands such as Crossbreed and Cooks Holsters. I scoured their sites and watched unboxing. There are a ton of quality holster manufacturers with similar offerings, similar claims, and similar customer reviews. What works for some will not work for all. Gun form-factor, body type, and daily activities play a considerable role in determining what type of holster is best for you. For me, I wanted my holster to be tuck-able (concealed under tucked shirt), at my strong-hand three o’clock position and around $50.

My selection

I went with the Alien Gear Shapeshift 4.0 IWB Holster, by Alien Gear Holsters over the Crossbreed SuperTuck IWB Holster. Both of these products are considered hybrid holsters by combining Kydex/polymer shells with leather/neoprene backings that rest against the skin, or undershirt.

Tuck it in!

This Alien Gear holster can be worn with jeans, slacks, Dockers, or shorts and concealed by a tucked in shirt. The belt clips are adjustable without the need for a specific tool, allowing effortless 3-position cant adjustments.

The ShapeShift 4.0 is compatible with Alien Gear’s entire ShapeShift system, allowing convenient flexibility to adapt to other carry or attachment preferences.

Trigger Guard & Retention

The shell completely covers the trigger guard, virtually eliminating the chance of a negligent discharge. Out of the package, the retention was too loose for my comfort, however, I was able to adjust it to my preference in a matter of seconds.

Price & Shipping

Including tax and shipping, I think I paid roughly $60.00. Once ordered, I had the holster in just under 1 week!


I’m very pleased with this investment. The product is performing to expectation and the 30-day test drive, lifetime warranty and amazing customer service are awesome perks. Great job Alien Gear Holsters!

Be informed. Be vigilant. Be free.

CA CCW – Pt. 2 Sheriff’s Interview

At the conclusion of Part 1 of this story, I mentioned that my CA CCW interview was in two weeks. Well, the two weeks and almost a couple of months have come and gone. What can say? Life happens. I have a family, run a startup and play baseball on Sundays (no, not softball).


My interview was on a Friday at 10:00 am. I arrived about 20 minutes early and proceeded to go to the 4th floor CCW Licensing Unit in downtown Santa Ana. Once exiting the elevator on the 4th floor, I walked into a room packed with law-abiding citizens…standing room only!

After checking in, I waited for about 30 minutes before hearing my name called and being escorted by an officer to his open cubicle desk. I sat down with copies of my application and related paperwork in hand just in case we needed to reference them. Moments after taking my seat, the officer held a camera in front of me and snapped a photo. His mind was already made up! He rattled off about 5-6 questions that were already addressed verbatim on the CCW application. The questions required a yes/no response and pertained to citizenship, criminal record (or lack thereof) and if I had some time to wait for my permit to get printed.

I don’t know if my experience was typical. My dad’s interview a week earlier was, however, virtually identical with a different officer. My county (Orange) happens to be one of the most active issuers of CCW permits. Although our sheriff is retiring this year, the candidates running for her office seem to be staunch Second Amendment supporters.

Interview prep

Going into the interview, I had already completed the 16-hour training and weapons qualification, the Livescan DOJ fingerprints and of course the online CCW permit application. The items below can be uploaded to the web-based application/login:

  • Identification: Drivers license and original copy of birth certificate
  • Proof of residency: Two current utility bills (last 3 months)
  • Supporting docs for Good Cause Statement: proof – photos, restraining order, bank statements, etc.

In addition to the items above, I also uploaded my certificate of completion for firearms training and successful weapons qualification. Once my application was submitted, I was able to select an interview date, options were provided on a digital calendar on my screen. I selected a date and was contacted via email by my interviewing officer. He asked for good cause documentation, which I promptly submitted.

From the date I submitted my application to my interview/approval was a whopping 36 days!

Be proactive

Prior to applying, I took a financial/time risk by enrolling, paying and participating in a 16-hour CA CCW training and qualification class. I say risk because successful course completion does not guarantee CCW approval. At worst, by completing the course, I would gain added knowledge about CA law, learn about concealed carry court cases, self-defense pearls of wisdom, and have a few hours of live-fire practice from 3, 5, and 10 yards.


Following posts will cover what it’s like to carry every day in gun-hating California, what IWB holster I use and the benefits of self-defense insurance.

Be informed. Be vigilant. Be free.


So…yeah…I’m a vegan*

I am now a vegan*…Five words I NEVER thought I would say… No, I’m not a green-peace hippy. Nor am I on some self-righteous mission to save cows, pigs or chickens. Here’s some perspective.

*(Update 2/23/18 – Apparently true vegans don’t use animal products at all…I appreciate nice leather, not sure what I’m labeled as now…)

I loved meat. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Fourth meal. Anytime! Meat was a vital ingredient in my diet. I built a reputation for myself based on my love for eating and passion for meat.

Just this past Christmas, I ate least 30 ounces of prime rib at an annual all-you-can-eat buffet at my grandparent’s club. The meat slicer knows me practically by name since I have been a multi-plate regular at his station for +20 years. He always cuts mine a bit thicker, thinking it would deter me from returning. Wrong!

This year, however, was a little more interesting. My cousin’s husband challenged me to a prime rib eating contest. Although every bite was delicious, we both lost and paid for our foolishness dearly in the following days. I’ll spare the details.

So, how/why did I decide to switch to a plant-based diet? What the Health. In an hour and a half, this Netflix documentary turned my world upside down. That’s hard to do. I am a skeptic when it comes to agenda-fueled documentaries, especially ones that suggest my precious red meat could be the cause of my future demise.

I won’t go into the specifics of the movie, but I will say that I started watching it with a frown and finished it with raised eyebrows, bug-eyes and shaking my head. I felt betrayed and worthless in the site of our government. Things came to light and it all made complete and perfect sense. So many foods I grew up learning are nutritious are the root cause of so many diseases and physical ailments.

The government, food and pharmaceutical industries think we are all stupid. Flat out. Doctors don’t even have our best interest in mind because they don’t have to, nor do they want to study nutrition. Books, collateral, and box labels are authored by industry, with the industry’s interests at the forefront. You are simply a dollar sign. The corruption and deceitful nature of our health organizations and leaders are sickening.

I’ll digress.

My wife and I started our plant-based vegan diet on February 2, 2018. We knew this diet would not be convenient at the beginning, but with each day, we learn something new. Our mindsets are simple. We will do the best can and will control what we can control. A slip-up from time to time may happen and that ok. We have to small children. When we are out and about and they need to eat, will get the healthiest food possible but won’t get discouraged if the options are limited and we have to eat some chicken or in the worst case a double-double.

Overall, we are happy with our decision. I’m hoping to eliminate my sleep apnea and my self-diagnosed IBS issues. With this diet, my arteries and veins will get cleansed, thus minimizing my chances of heart disease. My late grandfather died from heart disease, my other grandfather and father are dealing with this condition now. It was inevitable for me, based on the amount of meat, dairy, and eggs I consume on a weekly basis. Those food groups do have B-12, so we take these vitamins to supplement the plant-based diet. In this short time, I have yet to experience stomach pains and uncomfortable bowel movements which could plague me anytime of the day or night. Over time, we will transition our kids to our new regimen.

We came across a convenient, frozen vegan food brand, Gardein. The meatballs and chicken tenders we have in various meals thus far have been amazing. The prices are comparable with traditional non-vegan options.

I have opened my mind and learned to adapt to a plant-based diet. Tomatoes are no longer disgusting to me. I’m willing to try new things. I want to be around and active when my great grandkids are born. I’m so glad my brother-in-law encouraged us to watch What the Health. It saved our lives.

I’m not trying to convince you to change how you eat. I just wanted to share my story and let others out there know that a meat-lover like me can change. A vegan diet is doable.


CA CCW – Pt. 1 Weapon Certification

The old man and I are attempting to get California CCW permits. As we all know, California is difficult state to achieve this goal. Getting our non-resident Utah CCW’s was a breeze compared to this.

A few weeks back, we successfully completed state mandated 16-hour CCW training. There were about 28 of us participating in the 2-day course. Students included officers of corporations, small business owners, real estate professionals, church security members, a professional MMA fighter, a gunsmith and an elderly couple wanting to protect themselves from a potentially dangerous tenant/stalker.

Man, I learned so much, too much to write about here. The lead instructor was a police officer with over +30 years experience, servicing LA and Orange County. He is major gun and second amendment rights enthusiast. Go figure, a cop wanting normal, law-abiding citizens like us to carry everyday, everywhere. It was encouraging to meet a law enforcement officer who shared our sentiments for wanting to protect ourselves and our families. He even instructed us on what to say and what not to say for our Good Cause statement and interview.

Day 1 of training was strictly classroom reading (laws) and discussion (laws & scenarios). We went over numerous thought-provoking situations of when it would or would not be appropriate to use deadly force. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of having a tourniquet and first aid equipment, something I never really thought about.

Day 2 was live-fire training. We were split into two groups, Group A was for Glock shooters, Group B was for everything else. We were required to bring the gun(s) we’d list on our CCW permit. We did a ton of close-range to medium-range drills. In the end we shot about 100 rounds with out primary carry pistol and about 50 with our secondary weapon. Should I get approved, my primary pistol will be my Gen 3 Glock 19. My secondary gun is a Gen 3 Glock 17, 10 rounds of course.

At the end of Day 2, we were issued signed certificates of completion for the class and discussed more real-life scenarios. Obtaining a certificate from a state recognized training organization is just one of the many documents required for receiving a CCW permit.

My interview with the Sheriff downtown is in two weeks. Should I get approved to carry, I’ll be purchasing CCW insurance, a hybrid holster and some self-defense ammo. More to come…

Firearms Training Associates:

Be informed. Be vigilant. Be free.