I was born and raised in a modest home in southern California. While growing up, I spent alternate weekends with my father, stepmom, and stepsister. Although both households had their differences, I was surrounded with love, discipline, and structure nonetheless.

Sports played a major role in my development as a young boy and into young adulthood. As a youth, I played soccer and baseball year-round. When I reached high school, I continued with soccer and baseball and added football to my repertoire. I loved football and excelled at football. Into my sophomore year, I continued with football, added golf and dropped soccer and baseball in order to spend more time eating and in the weight room to put on weight. Following my senior football season, I decided to squeeze in soccer to bridge the gap to golf season. Needless to say, I love playing sports.

Football was my ticket into college. In high school, I was blessed to receive CIF-SS honors and set the single-season receptions record with 53.  After playing a season at a local community college, I was blessed with a half scholarship to Trinity International University, a small, Christian university in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. TIU competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The competition was the equivalent to 1AA or D-2. Trinity recruited me as a wide receiver back in high school, however, I wanted to try out the JUCO route to see if any other opportunities would arise. They didn’t. I was tall, ran good routes, had amazing hands, but lacked in the speed department. Ironically, the majority of my playtime came on special teams as the long snapper. Although I did not graduate from TIU, my experiences on and off the field changed my life forever.

Fast-forward 10 years. I have a beautiful wife, two girls under 4, an overpriced apartment in southern California and just finished my degree at the University of Phoenix School of Business. After spending the majority of my professional career managing product lines for consumer electronics companies, I have switched industries and have a fancy title and position of leadership at an up-and-coming retail and commercial product company in the fishing industry. In June, I will be best man for my best friend and my brother. My wife and I will also be considering what the real benefits are of staying in California, outside of family/friends and perfect weather 95% of the time.

This blog will reflect on the past and present experiences and challenges I face as a man, husband, dad, and follower of Christ. I may even throw in some tech reviews, opinion pieces, business, and marketing concepts and tips for startups and small businesses. I’m ordained and passionate about preserving the freedom we have in America.